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Another young lady with a Christmas Tree up her bottom

Hello and welcome to "Well Part My Buttocks With A Christmas Tree.co.uk"   * * *   I'm not saying that George Bush is gay but he does spend a lot of time at CAMP DAVID'S ! ! !   * * * Lisa Scott Lee - George Gallaway - Tony Blair - STEPS - SCLUB (They've Split Up - Boo Hoo) - Madonna - Kylie Minogue - Nicole DeBoer - Those sexy tarts from "24" - Just some of the people who don't appear on this site !!!!!    

Reasons Why a Christmas Tree Is Better Than a Woman
A Christmas tree doesn't care how many other Christmas trees you have had in the past.
A Christmas tree doesn't care if you have an artificial one in the closet.
When you are done with a Christmas tree you can throw it on the curb and have it hauled away.
A Christmas tree doesn't get jealous around other Christmas trees.
A Christmas tree doesn't care if you watch football all day.
A Christmas tree doesn't get mad if you tie it up and throw it in the back of your pickup truck.

Reasons Why a Christmas Tree is Better Than a Man
A Christmas tree is always erect.
Even small ones give satisfaction.
A Christmas tree stays up for 12 days and nights.
A Christmas tree always looks good - even with the lights on.
A Christmas tree is always happy with its size.
A Christmas tree has cute balls.
A Christmas tree doesn't get mad if you break one of its balls.
You can throw a Christmas tree out when it's past its 'sell by' date.
You don't have to put up with a Christmas tree all year.

Why Santa cannot be a Man (Written by a woman)

Men can't pack a bag.
Men would rather be dead than caught wearing red velvet.
Men would refuse to allow their physique to be described even in jest as anything remotely resembling a "bowlful of jelly".
Men aren't interested in stocking unless someone is wearing them.
And, being responsible for Christmas would require a COMMITMENT

Remember Christmas Trees Can Be Dangerous

(Particularly when shoved up ones bottom !)


"I used to think that I was strange and alone in my desires, but thanks to this website I can now walk down the street with my head held high in the knowledge that I am not the only one who wants to stick Christmas trees up my bottom" - Richard Cameraphone, Milton Keynes.

"What an inspiration this site has been for me. I've found it so much easier to talk about my Christmas tree insertions since coming across it" - David Rectum-Strangler, Porstmouth.

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