"You're 'Aving A Larf"

Why doesn't Tigger have any friends?

He plays with Pooh!!!!


A man goes to the Doctors with a lettuce leaf hanging out of his arse. He bends over and asks the Doctor to take a look at it.

The Doctor looks and shakes his head.

The man says, "Is it serious ?"

The Doctor says, "I'm afraid it's just the tip of the Iceberg"       


Why did the blonde nurse take a red magic marker to work?

In case she had to draw some blood.


How can you tell a blond has been working at a computer?

There's correction fluid all over the screen.


Man: "Doctor, I keep getting the urge to sing The Green Green Grass Of Home"

Doc: "That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome"

Man: "Is it common ?"

Doc: "It's not unusual !"


There was this man walking on the beach and he found a bottle. He rubbed it and a genie came out and said, "I will grant you 3 wishes". The man said, "No Shit!". Then he all of a sudden had to use the bathroom but couldn't because there was a big cork in his ass.


George Bush is so stupid, he went to a concert and waved to Stevie Wonder


Famous George W. Quotes:

"I believe Men and Fish can coexist together peacefully."

"I support Latino owned businesses, women owned businesses, and every other kind of person owned businesses."


A man goes to the Doctors with a steering wheel down the front of his underpants.

The Doctor says, "What's that doing there ?"

The man says, "I don't know but it's driving me nuts !"


Our Ice-Cream man was found lying on the floor of his ice-cream van covered with monkeys blood and hundreds and thousands.

Police say that he topped himself !


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