The Twelve Gays Of Christmas

Christmas is nearly here and Part My Buttocks brings you "The Twelve Gays Of Christmas".

Below, we have twelve well known homosexuals who have all contributed to the world as we know it - But who will be the Christmas Gay of 2004 ?

It's up to you, simply take a glance through our celebrity gays and make your choice by following the voting link at the bottom !

The 1st Gay of Christmas: Larry Grayson

Larry was the hugely popular game show presenter who took over from Bruce Forsyth on the Generation Game in the 70's. His famous catchphrase "Shut That Door" can still be heard echoing through the bowels of TV centre !

With viewing figures that TV channels could only dream of now, Larry was the Queen of Saturday night television !

Gay Rating: 8/10

The 2nd Gay of Christmas: Liberace

Liberace was the twinkly-eyed, diamond covered, piano player who loved to bang away on his instrument late into the night on worldwide television. Born in 1919 in West Allis, Wisconsin, he was to grow up to be one the most highly paid musicians in the world.

Liberace was probably best know for the size of his enormous candelabra !

Gay Rating: 6/10

The 3rd Gay of Christmas: Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5th 1946 in Zanzibar, to parents Bomi & Jer Bulsara. He had a great love of music and without a doubt became the best known "Queen" in the world after the recording of Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975.

With one of the most powerful singing voices ever he can never be replaced and has been sorely missed since his death in 1991 !

Gay Rating: 6/10

The 4th Gay of Christmas: Kenny Everett

Kenny was a master of comedy both on radio and on television. With amazing characters such as Sid Snot, Gizzard Puke and Cupid Stunt, all done in the best (Or worst) possible taste !

Quote: "Hello. Colonel Muriel Clean here, for the Campaign for Nice Things on Television. We believe in goodness, truth and beauty. Remember, you don't have to watch this endless display of perversitude and fleshy bummery. You've all got a knob there - so use it!"

Gay Rating: 9/10

The 5th Gay of Christmas: Julian Clary

Julian made it big when he starred as "The Joan Collins Fan Club" on channel four's Friday Night Live. He later had to drop the name because of threatened legal action by the real Joan Collins !

He's a master of double entendre, smut and innuendo. He was famously banned from TV for a short time after commenting that he'd "been out the back fisting Norman Lamont", live on ITV !

Gay Rating: 9/10

The 6th Gay of Christmas: Boy George

Musically talented Boy George was the lead singer in Culture Club who famously asked "Do you really want to hurt me?", and you can bet it wasn't the last time he muttered those words !

Far from being shy he flaunted is sexuality becoming the best know make-up wearing man on British TV !

Gay Rating: 8/10

The 7th Gay of Christmas: Michael Barrymore

Michael is best known for the TV show "Strike It Lucky" and his camp catchphrase "Alwight". Well you can be sure that he was more than just "Alwight" during his heyday on ITV but his career was suddenly cut short by the death of a guest in his swimming pool !

I bet he wasn't "Alwight at the back!"

Gay Rating: 5/10

The 8th Gay of Christmas: Elton John

The shortly to be married Elton (Seen here with that bloke out the Beatles), is best known for his funny glasses and his wig !

He made almost everyone in the world cry (Yes it was that bad) with his recording of Candle in the Wind, a song recorded to commemorate his dear friend who famously died when she got into a car being driven by an allegedly pissed driver !

Gay Rating: 8/10

The 9th Gay of Christmas: Mr Humphries

Although not technically gay himself (as it turned out that he'd been shacked up with a women for 30 years!), John Inman played the camp character of Mr Humphries in Are You Being Served. Mr Humphries was never confirmed as being gay but you can be sure that he never clapped eyes on Mrs Slocombe's pussy but always entered Grace Brothers via the tradesman's entrance !

Gay Rating 9/10

The 10th Gay of Christmas: George Michael

George is best know for being the talented one out of the eighties pop sensation, Wham!

He has become one of the highest paid artists of recent years but fell out of favour when he was prosecuted for committing a homosexual act in a public toilet. The strangest thing was that he did it on his own(!) - Now he's a man who's been blessed by nature !

Gay Rating: 8/10

The 11th Gay of Christmas: Will Young

Will rose to fame and fortune by winning the ITV talent show Pop Idol, beating fellow contestant Gareth Gates into second place.

Rumours that he had offered sexual favours to Simon Cowell in exchange for winning the contest were of course untrue, but only days after winning he announced to the world that he was in fact gay !

Gay Rating: 7/10

The 12th Gay of Christmas: Daffyd Thomas

Finally no collection of gays would be complete without Daffyd Thomas who is famously "The only gay on this website. All the others are just a bit puffy!". A very funny character from Little Britain played by Matt Lucas, he wears outrageous outfits and refuses to believe that anyone else can be gay in his village.

Gay Rating: 9/10

So who is your favourite Gay?



1st Place: Daffyd Thomas (28%)
2nd Place: Julian Clary (13%)
3rd Place: Kenny Everett (9%)

Therefore Christmas Gay 2004 is Daffyd Thomas from Little Britain !

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